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Hi, I bought this coin some time ago and I have yet to figure out what it is or its approximate value. I would appreciate your input and your form only allows me to upload 1 file hence my only inserting the front of the coin. I would be happy to email you a picture of the back should you respond but the quality is the same as for the front. Regards, Dr. David Emge

Asked by David Emge on Aug 08, 2020

Hi, it took us a while to identify this ancient coin. What you have is a Parthian drachm. Parthians were huge enemies of Rome known to be extremely skilled archers. The coin was struck in 148-190 AD. The obverse looks like Volgases III. The reverse has a man making a bow on it. There are many counterfeit coins with the same design. They are mostly made of some cheap base metal. If yours is silver, it is most definitely authentic.

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