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I have a 1935 Indian nickel with a mint, the “five cents” is shown close to the edge of the nickel between the “F” and “S” I wanted to know how much would this be worth. I’ve seen where one of these cost over $8,000. I wanted to have an expert look at this

Asked by Keona Garrett on Jul 04, 2020

Hi, Keona! The 1935 Buffalo nickel you have is very common. There were about 58 million of those coins minted. The retail value of your coin is around $1. I fair dealer offer for it would be $0.15-0.50 based on the condition it is in. You've mentioned seeing some Buffalo nickels selling for $8000. It's possible but only if the coin is of a rare date and in really pristine condition as well as certified by a reputable grading service.

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