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Since jewelry is a style driven enterprise, some styles are classic and stay around for decades upon decades, while others are just in trend for a few months. Estate jewelry usually always falls into the classic category and is always in demand with consumers in one fashion or another. In fact some estate styles are so in favor that the jewelries main desirability goes passed intrinsic worth. Estate jewelry approximately means that it is jewelry that has been previously possessed and encompasses jewelry that is higher end in value and features fine workmanship and supreme quality attributes, and more often than that is one of a kind.

Most estate jewelry is irreplaceable, which is why when you find a really good piece it commands a high price on the market for both selling and buying which Honest Coin Shop doesn’t take lightly in doing through our appraisal processes first and foremost. The overview of the determining factors of estate jewelry from style, condition, and intrinsic worth is the utmost important to us.

Why us?

Over the years Honest Coin Shop has mastered the method in making our clients far and wide trust us and our team’s expertise enough to take the mystery and fear out of making such important appraisals, sales, and purchases for estate jewelry as easy and honorable as possible.

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