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A “rare coin collection” is an organized (we hope!) group of special coins that were purchased or selected carefully from circulation. The coins are typically in special protective holders or albums that may be marked with identifying information. The collector might have a written inventory or sales receipts. The United States Government issues proof and mint sets every year, as well as and commemorative and bullion coins.

A “collection of coins” consists of common coins set aside from circulation. They may be loose, or in rolls, jars, or cigar boxes. Many people set aside 90% silver coins before the U.S. phased them out in 1964. Any coin from that year or older, dime through dollar, is worth more than face value. We often see groups of coins set aside by an individual who was traveling abroad and set aside the leftover money from that trip, whether it was business, vacation, or military service. Unless very old, there will be little silver, and a lot of devalued money hurt by inflation or rendered archaic by the Euro.

Why us?

People wonder what kind of collection is worth more. None of this immediately tells you about value. We at Honest Coin Shop explain it this way: “Usually we prefer to see the first kind of group, where you hope to find scarcer pieces in high grades, or even gold. It’s almost unheard of to find a rare or valuable specimen in pocket change. But having said that, sometimes the second kind is worth more, just because of the sheer volume of material. Rolls of silver add up quickly in value, and a mason jar of dimes can be worth over $1,000 at today’s silver prices.”

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