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Jewelry is a universal manifestation of adornment. The earliest known jewelry was made from shells, stone, and even bones which survived from prehistoric times. The possibility of tracing historic itinerary of jewelry comes primarily from customs humans use to have beginning with the most remote civilizations burying the dead with their richest garments and ornaments they or their family owned. Since the early date of man it was worn as a protection from the dangers of life by many and then as a mark of status or rank in existence and in burial when someone’s life ended. In the ancient world the discovery of how to work metals was an important stage in the development of the art of jewelry. Over centuries, metalworking techniques became more sophisticated and decoration more intricate that today it can be seen in the trends that occur even seasonally nowadays. Things like metalworking techniques and trends have made it almost necessary for jewelry appraisals. Jewelry appraisals can be of great help, and it is always a good idea to have one. This is especially true if your jewelry is expensive. Even if you want to insure your pricey jewelry, which we recommend you do, you cannot do so without an appraisal.

In a large portion of cases jewelry is only worth its metal content to a merchandiser even though it was bought for a lot more retail and an appraisal would show you if you were one of those cases or not. Dressing with purpose and wearing jewelry can showcase confidence and personality to the maximum.

If you are looking to sell your jewelry in New York, you definitely want to find out where you can sell it for the best price especially if you are selling it for cash. You should also ensure that you are going to get the best service from skilled and professional people. Honest Coin Shop has competent and friendly professionals who will help you sell jewelry NYC efficiently.

Whether you have watches, diamonds, gold, or any other type of luxurious jewelry, we can help you sell it in NYC. We will help you get competitive prices for your designer and precious gem. We can also help you sell wedding rings, engagement rings and rings for such special events. Sapphires, emeralds, rubies and diamonds are also valuable and can be resold regardless of whether they are in a good state or not. If you want to get more value out of these precious gems, you can think about having them certified. If you have any questions about this, our friendly staff will be happy to explain to you. If you want to sell a wedding ring, do not hesitate to do so. We at Honest Coin Shop will treat you with confidentiality and utmost respect because we like our name suggests, we value integrity and live by it.

Why us?

At Honest Coin Shop we hold all sentiments dear walking you through the process of appraising, buying or selling your fine pieces of jewelry. Jewelry will always help us understand and actualize our best self and we want to help people realize that.

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